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Plaid ”Terrace” Haute Laine Grey wool


We have a plaid for adults so there is no reason why the kids shouldn’t have their own!

This small plaid which is 120 cm long and 90 cm wide has everything to seduce children  … young and old!

Size 120 x 90 cm

Made in France

MIDIPY® ‘’Haute Laine Naturelle’’ Plaids are available in stock.



No dyes are included in its composition. This heather grey is obtained by cross weaving the ivory and chocolate yarns, which are both natural colours.  The MIDIPY® High Quality Wool plaid is astonishingly soft. This comes primarily from the quality of the natural virgin wool but also from the upstream sorting done as soon as the wool bales are received.  We select about 25 to 30% of the total wool to produce our MIDIPY plaids and blankets. That is to say, we use only the softest and lightest weight wool to obtain an ideal finished article.

For this model we have chosen a sober and elegant finish; an ecru Blanket Stitch.

This blanket stitch is very solid because we use double thread.  The plaid is presented rolled in its plaid holder strap, in real leather, which is also stitched with ecru thread. This leather strap is not sewn to the plaid and can therefore be completely removed.  In the same spirit of quality and natural research, we sign our articles with a label of genuine leather, hot stamped, without ink.

MIDIPY® ‘’Haute Laine Naturelle’’ Small plaids are available in stock.

We make plaids and blankets in all sizes according to your request, exclusively for you. Please allow 12 days.

Made in France
Woolmark approved natural virgin wool plaid
Small plaid size 120 x 90 cm


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