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Our manifesto

Because the world of luxury doesn’t have to mean individualism and excess, we’re convinced that it can be a source of responsibility and sustainability.

We believe that the use of noble natural materials, found locally in France, contributes to create refined articles that last in time.

We believe in timeless elegance that escapes the seasons and fast fashion, creating memories that accompany a lifetime and are passed on.

We are committed to elegant, responsible consumption that leaves its mark over time.


Noble, natural materials


Since Midipy was founded, we’ve been using wool from the Pyrenees, recognized for its quality around the world since the 19th century, and in the French valleys for much longer.

We’ve extended our business to virgin wools from the south of France, and we always select the finest, softest natural wool.

We select our raw materials after a rigorous sorting process, retaining only 30% of the total natural wool for our production. We call it French High Quality Wool.

This wool is organic, as it undergoes no dyeing or chemical treatment. We use the same criteria to select our French mohair wool.

In addition, we make a small selection of rare wools whose quality requires that they be sourced in their country of origin: our alpaca and cashmere wools come from the high peaks of Peru and Mongolia.


Wool is a natural fiber that is environmentally friendly and beneficial to our health, as it has many great qualities. Few natural materials are so rich and can be used in so many ways.

Its most important quality is its structure, thanks to which natural wool both absorbs and rejects moisture. This natural “breathing” of wool enables Midipy throws to provide effective protection from both cold and heat, as well as from the development of allergenic substances. Unlike other synthetic materials, wool does not contain irritating chemicals.

The natural thermal barrier is also ensured by its thermal insulating properties, including the fact that it traps almost 80% of the air in its own weight.

Its fibers don’t conduct static electricity, which also prevents dust encrustation and simplifies product care. Simply airing wool throws is enough to restore their freshness.

Sturdy, wool is renowned for its exceptional durability. Wool garments stand up well to wear and retain their quality over time.


In those places where handcrafts have attained the heights of nobility, our selection of the finest leathers are pleasing to the most delicate touch. These are mainly calf or cow leathers.

Vegetable tanning allows this leather to take on the patina of time and retain its natural feel.

We have chosen to work with leather for its natural resistance and strength, making it a particularly durable raw material.

Flexible and breathable, leather provides good insulation, resists tearing and won’t crumble.

As a “living” material, leather ages naturally: over time, it takes on a specific patina, making it timelessly beautiful.


French know-how


Our natural wool throws are made using ancestral knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

In our workshop in the South of France, the greatest care is taken in the design of our dye-free range, right from the choice of wool and throughout the manufacturing process.

Our throws are designed with the highest quality in mind, some of the weaving and finishing steps are done by hand.


Midipy is also a range of handmade leather goods, 100% made in France in our workshops in the Tarn region, where leatherwork and saddlery are handed down from generation to generation.

From carefully tanned leather, craftsmen cut, assemble and sew leather components.

Each item is crafted in a ritualistic and precise manner, with each piece treated in the traditional way.

On most of the range, double-thread topstitching provides an elegant finish.

These timelessly elegant, high-quality items combine handmade craftsmanship with ancestral know-how.

In the final stage, each part is checked with the utmost rigor.


sober and elegant design


Natural materials and French know-how have been guiding us since 1998. Whether in the choice of objects, their shape or color, we rely on a sober design: our collection is designed to accompany you for a long time. Beyond fashion, our products are made to last, and their elegance makes them timeless.

Our customers

They trust us


Our manufacturing criteria and labels are our guide to our commitments: craftsmanship made in France, using time-honored know-how and high-quality natural materials.