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100% Pure Mohair and soft lightness. To wrap you in softness, this 100% pure Mohair throw has all the lightness of high quality Mohair. It also brings elegance and comfort to your interior. A real decorative object.

100% Mohair throws are soft, warm and light. Presented rolled up in their leather strap, they are very decorative.

Size 180x140cm

Made in France

For maintenance, dry cleaning is recommended.

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You will never be disappointed by a high quality Mohair, selected for its finenesse and lightness. At the same time it has an exceptional calorific value: the quality Mohair plaid keeps you warm! This quality comes from the length of the fiber and the lightness comes from the fineness of the fiber. This is why the choice and sorting of the fiber is very important. The vaporous and light side of the 100% pure Mohair throw gives it an elegant appearance. Placed at the foot of the bed or on a sofa, it will have an effect along its almost two meters.

MIDIPY’s 100% Mohair throws are soft, warm and comfortable.

Size 180x140cm

Made in France


For maintenance we recommend dry cleaning. However, you should know that our Mohair reacts very well to machine washing in wool mode, then leaving it to dry lying flat, outside if possible.

 This plaid does not need more than one cleaning per year, its natural fibers do not attract dust and do not absorb greasy substances.

Regarding the interview, here is additional information given by one of our clients, Brigitte M. in Paris 7th:

” You can place in your cupboards some proven natural mothproofing products, such as a sachet of lavender, thyme or rosemary, bay leaves, cedar bark, pieces of Marseille or Aleppo soap, a few chestnuts or even a small cotton pad soaked in essential oil of mint, eucalyptus, thyme, cedar. These solutions are multiple, inexpensive and have the immense advantage of being totally free of any chemical product.”

In stock. Shipping prepared in 24 hours