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A new visual identity for Midipy

The handover from one generation to the next for Midipy’s management is an opportunity to develop the company’s graphic personality. We are pleased to present the new Midipy logo, which has been redesigned for the3rd time in 26 years. The site’s iconography incorporates both the world of the mountains and the chalet, recalling the origins […]

Midipy drafts its manifesto

The Midipy story has always been led by deep convictions. We wanted to give write them down in the form of a manifesto that brings together our commitments and values. “In many minds, the world of luxury is often associated with individualism and excess. However, we see it differently, as a vehicle for responsibility and […]

Family handover for Midipy’s management

25 years after Philippe Granet and Denis Paternotte founded Midipy, they passed the torch to their nephews, Eloïse Paternotte and Daniel Dumont. The latter have just returned from a long family trip around the southern hemisphere, during which they came into contact with ancestral craft practices in Laos and Bolivia. Seduced by the quality of […]