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Family handover for Midipy’s management

25 years after Philippe Granet and Denis Paternotte founded Midipy, they passed the torch to their nephews, Eloïse Paternotte and Daniel Dumont.

The latter have just returned from a long family trip around the southern hemisphere, during which they came into contact with ancestral craft practices in Laos and Bolivia.

Seduced by the quality of the natural materials and the beauty of the handmade work, they decided to continue the approach they had started at Midipy, working for sustainable elegance and French know-how.

Eloïse and Daniel’s new entrepreneurial adventure is a joyful one, as they take their first steps with the support of Midipy’s founders, after 20 years of professional activity in the fields of communications, human resources and business management.

A new page is being turned at Midipy, and a new chapter of free time is being written for the creators of this beautiful house. Thank you and good luck to them!

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