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Leather card case Black colour


The Black Leather Card Case is a popular gift, which will give many good times to all.

Every leather item is fashioned by hand with great care, as if it were a unique piece.

Comes with a set of 54 classic playing cards.

Hand crafted

Made in France



The leather case by MIDIPY is sleek and we chose a smooth and sturdy leather to protect the cards over time. You can take it everywhere. It will withstand all your travels and weekends! Keep an extra case in the glove box or in your bag, so you will never be at a loss for things to do. The card case has a front opening and closure is facilitated by a small and discreet magnetic pressure button, so discreet that it cannot be seen when the case is closed: the “head” of the pressure button is hidden in the thickness of the leather. A lot of attention is paid to this small case which certainly deserves it.

This leather case is designed for a set of 54 classic playing cards 88×63 mm.

The Black leather card case is available in stock


Made in France