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Card case leather Camel colour


This stylish leather card case is in smooth, solid leather, for long term protection of the cards, whether in your bag, in a suitcase or just in the glove box of the car.

Comes with a set of 54 classic playing cards.

Handcrafted  –  Made in France

The camel leather card case is available in stock


.  This card case is made in real leather, specially selected by Midipy.  There is a front opening and closing is easy thanks to a well-designed, small discreet magnetic. This leather case is small in size but it requires great attention during its manufacture.  For example: once the case is closed the metal magnet is hidden in the leather;  the saddler stitching is fine and even, it contributes greatly to its appearance and is also a sign of our master craftsmanship.  Lastly, the edges of the leather are painted by hand.  For perfect resistance they are painted three times! Each leather item is handcrafted with great care, as if it were a unique piece.

Made in France

This leather case is designed for a set of 54 classic playing cards 88×63 mm