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Leather card case Orange colour


This is a beautiful card case in a very fashionable color.  How chic! It could be a decorative object for the living room. You will be the envy of all …

Comes with a set of 54 classic playing cards.


Made in France

The Orange leather is available in stock


We believe we have been particularly successful in the creation of this leather card case, having worked relentlessly on its conception, its design and the finishes.  All these steps are 100% made in France and this entire object is handcrafted including the hand-painted edges of the leather and the saddler stitching with ecru double yarn.  Once completed, as indeed during its manufacture, the leather card case passes from hand to hand for successive checks. The orange leather case is a beautiful object, which, beyond fashion is classic, even timeless and made to last.

Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 4 cm

This leather case is designed for a set of 54 classic playing cards 88×63 mm

Made in France